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6 natural ways to relax this Autumn

Natual ways to relax in Autumn

We have shorter days, the temperature drops and so does our mood, but Autumn can also be a real treat. Think outside of the box for ideas to help you relax that fit the season. Here are my favourites:

Eat good food

Spiced Lattes and hot chocolate can sometimes be an indulgence but meeting a friend for a coffee and good chat is sometimes all the therapy you need. Also, try cooking more, especially seasonal foods like apples. Apple crumble can be great comfort food, but you can always try baking apples or making apple crisps to keep things a bit healthier.

Watch films

There is nothing better for a relaxing day off than staying in your PJ’s with snacks and watching your favourite film from the comfort of your own bed or sofa. Let’s be honest: you don’t really need a reason to stretch out on the sofa and watch a few new boxsets, or films or whatever!

But, in autumn, it’s twice as nice, because you’re sure not to miss anything going on outside, apart from the next icy rain shower. Some great film good films for me are Love Actually, The Holiday, Up or It’s a Wonderful Life.

Be at one with nature

Being outside on a beautiful day, surrounded by nature is very calming. Walking is also great exercise and will help to lift your mood. Go for a long walk in the countryside…

Thanks to social networks, the list of “must-do autumn activities” holds no secrets for you, and this is the perfect time to unplug. Put away your smartphone, close your laptop and get outside to stroll through the Autumn leaves.

Find a good book

It piles up all year long on your bedside table: the guilt-inducing stack of wonderful books that you promised yourself you would read all year. Setting time aside to read something you actually enjoy or just for pleasure can help to take your mind off things.

Get out your pyjamas, your fluffiest cardigan and your warmest socks. Settle in with a good cup of coffee to tackle the first book on the stack. No stress, no appointments, just a little time for a good book.

Research has shown that reading for around 6 minutes can reduce stress levels by up to 68%, so perfect just before bed to help you relax and drift off.

Create a Soothing Playlist

By soothing playlist, I don’t mean whale noises and pan pipes – unless you do find these relaxing. But I do think everyone has music that helps them relax and listening to your favourite calming tunes can certainly help you feel less anxious.

Also, doing some deep breathing exercises while listening to soothing music is a great stress reliever.

Wellness day

Is it raining? Fab! This is the ideal moment to relax in a nice bath and clear your mind. Sink into a warm bath of Epsom salts or your favourite essential oils, and maybe put on some relaxing music.

You can laze in the tub for hours, as long as you add more hot water from time to time. When your fingers and toes start to wrinkle, it’s time to move on to your self-pampering programme.

Homemade or organic masks can do wonders for your skin and hair while boosting your self-esteem. And while your mask is working its magic, you have plenty of time to indulge in a manicure, pedicure, or start that good book!

It doesn’t really matter what your wellness day is like. Only one thing counts: finally finding some time for yourself.

A moment to relax, right in your own home.

Sharon Cole

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