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My Name is Sharon Cole. I am a fully qualified Reflexologist and Holistic therapist, and I am passionate about helping my clients to achieve optimum health and wellbeing.

I know what stress and its negative effect on the body is like. I truly believe there is a connection between the mind and body, and most illnesses are caused by something being out of balance. Stress can massively impact your wellbeing by upsetting this delicate balance, and my previous job as a Financial Controller in a highly stressful environment taught me a great deal.

I grew up with big dreams of going to University, having a successful career, a family and living a good life. I wanted to be healthy, and above all happy with my life choices. So, I studied hard and off I went to train as an accountant.

However, life can sometimes have other ideas. Working, studying, running a household, planning a wedding and trying to look after family members who are ill can be exhausting and stressful. I would have trouble sleeping, my migraines increased, my IBS flared up big time, and I would spend some days just wanting to cry and others wanting to sleep. My diet was all over the place, getting regular exercise was almost impossible, and my immune system was at an all-time low. I caught every cough, cold and chest infection going.

Then, at a time when things were particularly difficult, a friend introduced me to Reiki and I had the best night sleep I’d had in a very long time. I then found a mentor and teacher who offered Reiki, and things started to improve. Mentally, physically and spiritually I began to grow stronger, sleep better, have more energy and enthusiasm for life again, and most all, I was getting better at handling the stress in my life, both in the corporate, fast-paced environment at work, and in my personal life.

Wanting to learn more about natural healing and the effects of stress, I then discovered the power of Reflexology and was hooked. I wanted to learn these techniques and help my friends and family improve their health and wellbeing too. The more I saw how this ancient yet powerful technique worked, the more I wanted to share this with other women who try to juggle busy lives so they could learn how to de-stress and improve their health and wellbeing just like I did.

As a result, my mission is to help women make positive changes in their lives. To help them remove pain and ill health caused by stress and fast-paced modern living, and feel happy, healthier and more relaxed.

​Experts believe the root cause of 90% of diseases is stress related, and so I use alternative therapies, products and techniques that reduce your stress levels and create balance and harmony. This is why I love Reflexology and it's holistic approach to help my clients.

'Holistic' comes from the Greek word 'holos' meaning whole, so the Holistic approach considers the whole person - mind, body and soul. If people have imbalances in their life (physical, emotional, or spiritual) for whatever reason, it can negatively affect their overall health. My principles are:

  • Everyone has the innate ability to heal.

  • Emotional issues can manifest as physical ones if left untreated.

  • ‘You can’t pour from an empty cup’, so we need to take care of ourselves before we can help others.

  • I treat my clients, not the disease, in a friendly professional manner.

  • Everyone is unique and on their own wellness journey.

  • Life is all about balance.

When we heal holistically, we address imbalances on all levels, rather than one or two. The ultimate goal of aligning the body, mind and soul promises a happier, healthier, more balanced state of being, and I am living proof that it works.



  • ITEC Diploma in Reflexology

  • Reiki Level II

  • Seichem Level II

  • E.M.A Practitioner level

  • Spinal Touch Therapy

  • Biomechanics Technician

  • Diploma in Indian Head Massage

  • Diploma in Swedish Full body massage

  • Diploma in Hopi Ear Candles

  • Weight Management

  • Beauty Business Training

  • Practitioners Diploma in Pregnancy

  • Massage/Abdominal & Full Body

  • Reflexology for Fertility and maternity care

  • Finger Free Reflexology

  • Dien Chan Zone Italian Facial Reflexology


I am fully insured and can provide a certificate upon request.