Foot Reflexology

A simple massage that promotes natural healing, balance and relaxation via the reflex zones on the feet



A combination of foot reflexology mixed with the stimulation of the reflex points on the hands and face, creating a deep state of relaxation.


Fertility Reflexology

Enhance the body's ability to conceive with a calming and relaxing treatment designed to optimise your health and maximise your chances. 

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Facial Reflexology

A relaxing treatment to naturally restore balance. We can encourage the body to self-heal by stimulating the reflex points on the face.


Reflexology & Reiki

Reflexology and Reiki are combined to promote healing, leaving you deeply relaxed and calm, feeling centred, positive and balanced.


Maternity Reflex

Balance and harmonise the whole being in preparation for birth help to make your pregnancy an enjoyable and memorable experience.

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