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Treat yourself with our  


November Offer


   60 minute back massage  


As the season's transition and the leaves begin to fall, now is the perfect time to reflect upon the transitions your body and mind are making as summer comes to a close. Autumn shows us how good it is to let things go, but with busy work schedules, cold and flu season, and the hustle and bustle of daily life, it can be easy to lose yourself in this time of change.
Now is the time to focus a bit of energy on yourself again! Take this time of change as an opportunity to find your self-care motivation and reflect on your health and wellbeing needs. One of the best ways to incorporate self-care into a busy schedule is through massage.


A high-quality back neck and shoulder massage that leaves you feeling supple and refreshed are one of life's simple pleasures. You know that post-massage feeling. Your mind is clear, and your body is relaxed.
It removes tension and stress and leaves you feeling human again.


Massage is not only ideal for preventing seasonal aches and pains, but is also a great tool for relaxation during this stressful time. Even just one massage session can relieve the mind of any built-up anxiety; massage can also be used to prevent stress, which is extremely important as the holidays quickly approach.
And if that's not enough motivation to get your
massage booked this month, here are four reasons to grab yourself a back massage:



Who doesn't want to reduce the stress in their life? Stress relief is key to finding the balance of a healthy lifestyle. Even a single massage session has been shown to significantly lower heart rate, cortisol and insulin levels - all of which help reduce daily stress.



As we age, joints tend to tighten, making our range of motion more restricted. Massage helps keep joints more fluid, making you more flexible and less prone to injury.


Studies indicate that regular massage can naturally increase the immune system's cytotoxic capacity–the activity level of the body's natural "killer cells".


10 million Brits suffer from chronic headaches and migraines. Massage can help ease the pressure and pain, which may also reduce the chance and frequency of headaches.


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 £32.00 (60mins)


* Offer available until 30th November 2019 *

(Cannot be used with any other offer/discount)