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Foot and Facial Reflexology

World Reflexology Week takes place every year in the last full week in September to promote this fantastic therapy, and this year it's all about reflexology for wellbeing.


So, why Reflexology?


"Sometimes, we find the best holidays and

moments of relaxation in a bit of self-care and me-time."

One of the main reasons clients love reflexology is because it is non-invasive. You don't need to take many clothes off, just your shoes and socks, and you get to relax however you feel comfortable. Reflexology treats the person as a whole and is a natural way to balance the mind, body, and energy. 

Reflexology allows you to truly switch off and relax, which can help reduce stress levels and relieve tension throughout the entire body. Reflexology works on emotional and physical levels, giving you the time and space to de-stress and quieten any racing thoughts. The relaxing element makes it ideal for those who struggle to sleep too. 


Still not convinced? Here are three reasons to throw away all doubts and just enjoy the benefits of reflexology.


It is an affordable way to De-stress.


The reason why we often feel burned out is that we are stressed. We put unnecessary pressure on ourselves, making us tense all over. When we feel this kind of stress and tension, we need to relax and get away from our busy lives.


We plan for relaxation like a day trip with friends or a quick getaway to the beach or countryside. But, if we really can't find the time and budget for this, we can simply go for a walk in nature or get a reflexology treatment booked in the diary.


It benefits your health and wellbeing.


This benefit is likely due to the balancing nature of reflexology. Whilst massage is fantastic and delivers its own advantages, reflexology is almost a specialised massage in a localised area, yet it treats the whole body. Whilst you might come for a massage to release knots in your neck and shoulders, leaving you feeling more flexible, reflexology balances your entire body – giving you the sensation of overall wellness.


It gets you energised.


Reflexology can increase your energy levels and can leave you feeling refreshed and revitalised. When we are relaxed, we often feel active and energised. Therefore, even an hour of reflexology can slowly make us feel more alive and ready for action. If your reflexologist can hit your pressure points perfectly, it really can combat fatigue in no time.


Do you want to enjoy all these relaxing benefits? What are you waiting for? Try Foot and Facial Reflexology this month with 20% off and experience this one of a kind relaxation for yourself.

September Offer

Foot and Facial Reflexology Treatment

£28.00 - 60 mins (normal price £35.00)