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What is this thing called “energy”?

All complementary therapists talk about it. We all have our ideas and beliefs about it. We describe it in a variety of ways: "the part of us that we cannot see", "the part of us that isn't our mind or our body", "subtle body energy".

It is present in every culture of the world, but the words that we use may be different; for example, in yoga, gurus talk about "prana" and the chakra system, the Chinese talk about "chi" and the homoeopaths call it the "vital force". In the West, we talk about hormones, mood and the "ups and downs" of life. These are just different words to describe the same thing. Each culture has found a way of using familiar images to define something that may be difficult to define. For instance, in the West, we talk about feeling "butterflies in the tummy" when we feel nervous.

Through my own experiences of working with Reiki, Chakras and Meditation, I know that we are beautiful beings composed of Love, Light and Intelligence, the characteristics of pure energy. Sometimes though, we may not feel this way - we might feel like the complete opposite of Love and Energy when we are feeling fearful, for example.

Your thoughts control the energy flow around you. Whatever you think determines how you feel and what you experience. Your thinking habits influence different energy centres around your body. These energy centres are known as Chakras.

Your chakras radiate and receive energy constantly, and if our thoughts are loving, these energy centres work perfectly. However, if you think negative fear-based thoughts, which is easy to do when you are watching the news right now, your chakras can't push through sufficient energy and can leave you feeling sluggish and out of balance.

In reflexology, the endocrine system is seen by many as being the physical aspect relating to the chakra system. It is not the same, but it has similar characteristics. I often discuss the body-mind connection, where our spiritual and emotions thoughts and feelings can manifest as physical symptoms, often over many years. My work as a reflexologist gives me access to the glands of the endocrine system and, I believe, also to the chakra system. The chakras are each found next to a hormonal gland. And this puts me in the unique position of being able to connect to the energetic part of ourselves.

My work as a reflexologist provides me with a way to feel any imbalances in energy and to help to restore homeostasis. Using the "linking" technique, which connects two specific reflex points on the feet, and the intention of balancing the vibration felt from the client's own subtle body energy, I can balance both the endocrine system and the chakra points. I often do this at the end of treatment as it's a lovely way to end the session.

On a personal level, I do lots of energy and mediation work on the Chakras, and there are several ways you can clear these. The chakras are so interesting, I could talk about them all day. For now, here's a quick and simple visualisation technique I use to clear and balance my chakras, and raise my vibrational energy for the day.

Breathing colours

As you take a deep breath, visualise yourself breathing in the colour green. As you exhale completely, see yourself breathing out the colour yellow, Next breathe in the colour blue, as deeply as you can, and breathe out the colour orange. Then draw in the colour purple with your breath, seeing the colour purple entering all your cells and your bloodstream. Finally, breathe out the colour red completely. Repeat the entire process three times.

Fear tap

If you are feeling fear instead of love, then the fear tap can help. Tapping into the bodies energy system, known as meridians traces back over 5,000 years and in a non-invasive healing tradition. Fear can create stress, agitation and exhaustion. Tapping on the acupressure points can shift the energy of fear and gently free you of unwanted thoughts in a matter of minutes.

Locate the area on the back side of your hand, halfway between your wrist and fingers, between your ring finger and your 'pinkie' finger. Tap this area with two or three fingers of your other hand for 30 seconds to a minute, breathing in through your nose, and out through your mouth, then switch sides.

The worst times can be the best times if you think with positive energy.

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