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How to ease a sore throat

How to naturally ease a sore throat

Sore throats are fairly common and usually nothing to worry about, but if you suffer with a persistent sore throat, it could be a sign that your immune system is low and struggling to cope. Regular bouts of tonsillitis mean that your lymphatic system is under stress and your body is telling you to detoxify.

If you are at this point, never underestimate how what you eat over the next 48 hours could be a deciding factor on whether you become ill or not, and make sure you get plenty of sleep.

Inflammation of the throat can trigger symptoms such as pain when swallowing, a dry tickling feeling, a build-up of mucus in the nose and sinuses, swollen glands and occasionally a loss of voice. We often feel run down, low in energy, miserable and can have trouble sleeping and eating.

These types of sore throats are caused by bacteria or infections, so if your symptoms are severe, please visit your GP. Viruses cause 95% of sore throats in adults and children over 5, but other common causes can include allergies, dry air, pollution, smoking, tonsillitis, weak immune systems, and acid reflux.

If your sore throat is not serious enough to visit your Doctor, then you can use some natural home remedies to soothe the pain and irritation.

10 Natural Remedies to ease a sore throat

  1. Avoid sugar – stop eating sugar in any form for four days to give your immune system a chance to fight the infection. Coffee, sugary drinks and alcohol dehydrate the body and act as stimulants. If your adrenal glands are exhausted, these could be adding to your problem, and will seriously deplete your immune system.

  2. Increase your fluid intake – drink as much as you can, including lots of water, herbal teas, and diluted fruit juices. Proper hydration is the key to flushing out any viruses or bacteria from your system.

  3. Honey – Research shows that honey mixed with tea, warm water, or taken on its own, is an effective wound healer, which means it may help speed healing for sore throats. Raw honey has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties which can naturally soothe your throat and ease swelling. It also has the ability to reduce mucus secretion and coughs which often accompany a sore throat. Sip warm water mixed with powered vitamin C, plus lemon, ginger, and a little honey to sweeten.

  4. Salt water – gargling with salt water can soothe a sore throat, calm inflammation, and help to kill the bacteria causing it. Make a saltwater solution with half a teaspoon of salt in a full glass of warm water. Gargle this every 3-4 hours to reduce swelling and keep the throat clean.

  5. Drink extra cold liquids – this may be the last thing you fancy doing, but if you hurt your ankle, you would use an ice pack to reduce the inflammation, right? The same principle applies here - ice cold drinks can numb the pain and reduce inflammation in the throat.

  6. Vitamins B and C - Vitamin C helps with immune function and boosts white blood cells. Foods which are high in vitamin C include grapefruit, kiwi, strawberries, oranges, and kale, so if eating is just too painful, try making a delicious fruit smoothie instead. Also, take a vitamin B-complex to support your adrenal glands.

  7. Chamomile tea – can help to relieve symptoms of a cold, including a sore throat as it has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and astringent properties. It can also help to boost your immune system and aid your body in fighting off the infection which caused the sore throat.

  8. Get some sleep – a tired body will have a tired immune system, and while you try to battle on, your body will struggle to heal itself. Missing sleep can be just as bad for your health as not eating properly or getting enough exercise! Get some rest, sleep as much as you can, and take time out from any stressful environments to help you recharge your batteries and your immune system.

  9. Lemon essential oil – has the power to cleanse the body, contains high levels of vitamin C to boost immune function and has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties which make it great for treating sore throats. Add 5-10 drops to a diffuser at home, add 1-2 drops to a clean hanky and inhale, or simple add 1-2 drops to warm water or tea.

  10. Eucalyptus essential oil – used as an antiseptic, it also provides antioxidant protection, improves respiratory circulation and stimulates the immune system. Add to a room diffuser, or gargle with eucalyptus oil and water. You can also add 1-3 drops to a tablespoon of carrier oil such as coconut oil and rub across your chest and throat.

Fall in love with taking care of yourself - Mind, Body and Soul.

Sharon Cole

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