Body Confidence

Body confidence

“Take care of your body, it’s the only place you have to live” – Jim Rohn

Pounding the treadmill, sweating through a spin class, following the latest fad diet, or forever counting calories. Days of ‘being good’ or ‘being bad’ as we try to find ‘thinspiration’ – does this all sound familiar? When you have literally been fighting your body, starving yourself into that little black dress, or bingeing on ice cream because you didn’t like what the scales told you, is it really possible to love your body just the way is it?

It’s fair to conclude that we have very complicated relationships with our bodies, with millions of us suffering from body confidence issues. While this is perceived as a female trait, men and women have similar struggles with body image. We all have thoughts and feelings about the way we look, and we all have ideas about how others perceive us.

These opinions, thoughts and feelings come from our environment and are often shaped from a young age. We take our cue from those around us that we trust: parents, teachers and friends. The media has told us how we should look for decades, with anything from Disney movies to magazines influencing our choices.