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Why you should embrace Holistic Therapy

Picture the scene: You’re in a relaxing room, lying on a warm couch with the sound of healing reiki music gently drifting into your consciousness. The smell of Woman’s Balance fills the air, and in just a moment, your relaxing treatment, tailored to you will begin.

For those of you who visit me, you will know this feeling well. It’s often this experience that lures people into trying holistic therapies, but for some, it’s simply a chance to explore their health and wellbeing more gently and holistically. I have even seen clients recently who looked into natural therapies because it’s so hard to see a Doctor right now.

For me, my range of therapies focuses on the person as a whole, taking in all aspects of my client’s health and wellbeing, so that they can choose to adopt a treatment that suits their individual needs. As well as helping to restore balance in the mind and body, holistic therapies can often help to address problems that modern medicine struggle to treat effectively, from lower back pain to fatigue, and menopause to a whole host of stress-related illnesses.

Whatever your reasons as to why you want to incorporate natural health and wellbeing into your life, here are seven reasons why I love holistic therapy and think you should embrace regular treatment.

#1. Treat the real issue

Modern pharmaceutical medicine has its place, but in many cases, they offer a ‘quick-fix’ approach that addresses the symptoms and not the cause. When a build-up of muscular tension in my back, neck and shoulders is responsible for those headaches or aches and pains, then I find it’s much better to have regular massages, rather than reaching for the painkillers.

#2. It’s natural

Another challenge with certain medications is they often come with nasty side effects, or even become addictive over time. Alternative therapies work naturally with the body to help restore balance, so again I’d prefer to address my IBS with reflexology than use over the counter medication. It’s also the reason why I love working with Neals Yard Organics, as they have the same ethical philosophy of natural beauty and wellbeing without any hidden chemicals or harsh preservatives.

#3. It improves sleep

Most holistic therapies are excellent at helping us get a good night’s sleep, which, as you are aware, is crucial for your health. When I’m super stressed, I know the relaxation element of the treatment, and especially if it’s to reduce muscle pain, can allow me to enjoy better sleep. I also know that regular sleep can boost the immune system, improve our mood, reduce feelings of stress and anxiety and even increase our life expectancy! So it’s a win-win.

#4. Therapy isn’t rushed

The average Doctor’s appointment lasts just 10 minutes. My Doctor is so busy with so little time that you barely get to say what’s wrong before he writes a prescription and ushers you out the door (and that after your gotten passed the receptionist!

When you visit a therapist like me, I understand how you can’t always express your issues in a few minutes or one sentence. I will spend time listening to all of your concerns, no matter how big or small. Following a consultation, you have a safe space to relax, getting both treatment and advice tailored to you and your needs. You’ll also enjoy continuity of care by seeing the same therapist each time.

#5. See the whole you.

The holistic nature of complementary therapy means that, even though you hope to address one particular issue, over time with regular treatment, you might just find other little niggles start to improve too. For me, I wanted to reduce stress and ease my IBS, but I also found my skin improved, I healed faster, and I had more energy to get through those busy days.

Most therapist will often offer some general advice, and some will even give you tips you can use at home. I often show people the facial reflexology maps they can use themselves, and there’s plenty of free advice on my website, which you can use in between sessions to help you reach your wellness goals.

#6. It can help your mind and body

We all know that the mind and body are linked. The health of one impacts the health of the other. Interestingly, over 37% of my new clients want help with stress and relaxation, and clearly, I’m not alone. In a recent FHT pole, 82% of therapists regularly support clients with stress and anxiety.

In the modern world, many of us live in a state of constant stimulation. Juggling work, family commitments, and continuously checking our phones, emails, and social media feeds mean we never truly switch off and relax properly. Holistic therapies can help us to restore the balance in our lives and bring us back to a place of peace and tranquillity.

#7. Prevention is better than cure

I will make sure I book in for my treatments regularly, not because I am super stressed anymore, but because I want to stay that way! Around 50% of those who regularly have treatments are doing so not because they want to get better, but because they want to stay well. Taking good care of our physical and mental health helps to support a healthy immune system and makes us more resilient when faced with life’s challenges. A lesson 2020 has taught us can happen when you least expect it.

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