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Warm up cold feet

In this weather, the cold can often mean it gets more difficult to warm the extremities of the body such as the hands and feet. However, If your feet are painful, or you regularly have cold legs, hands or feet, you may be suffering from poor circulation.

Tips to Deal with Poor Blood Circulation

· Using essential oils - Cayenne or Capsicum have been proven to improve blood circulation. Used as a cream or infused oil, rubbing it on the feet will give an instant blood flow boost. Cayenne also stimulates the heart, increases metabolism, and strengthens the arteries.

· Exercise – a sedentary lifestyle, coupled with a poor diet, can cause arterial disease and poor circulation. Therefore, regular exercise is key if you want to improve your blood circulation. To make sure that you can exercise regularly, make the activity something you enjoy. Walk with nature, walk with a friend, or walk while listening to your favourite music. Light exercise such as bicycling, yoga, and swimming all have minimal impact on the feet but can improve blood flow. If you are a bit fitter, try golf, tennis or jogging.

· Healthy Diet - If you are overweight, your heart needs to work harder than it should to pump blood around your body, which means poor blood circulation. Think about your portion sizes and always making healthy food choices. Cut dietary fats, limit red meat and add more fruits and vegetables to your diet.

· Quit Smoking - it can contribute to poor blood circulation because it restricts the flow of blood to the arteries, as well as many other negative health risks. Hospitals tend to limit operations on people who smoke because smoking prevents new tissue growth and therefore slows down recovery from surgery.

· Avoid Stress – when we get stressed, the fight or flight hormones release cortisol into the body, which pumps blood to the muscles ready to fight or run, and protects the internal organs. Being stressed adds additional pressure to the heart, and decreases circulation to areas such as the feet. Practice stress management and set aside time each day to relax the body and mind. You could try activities like meditation, yoga, music, dance, warm baths, or walking the dog.

· Don’t forget foot reflexology - This treatment helps stimulate the body’s overall blood circulation via the reflexes in the feet. In this way, reflexologists can target the heart reflex and other related organs and body systems to improve circulation and reduce blood pressure. If you can’t get to a qualified Reflexologist, get your partner to massage your feet as a great way to relax.

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