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Organic facials: Using Nature to benefit your skin

Organic facial: using nature to benefit your skin

There are plenty of beauty salons offer facials, promising amazing results with the latest product and technology, so why choose organic instead?

What does organic really mean?

If the product is certified organic, that means it consists of 95 percent or more of organic ingredients derived from plant sources. All of these ingredients grow without pesticides, bioengineered genes, or petroleum-based fertilisers, which could be toxic to the environment. Natural products are simply derived from natural sources without added synthetic compounds.

Today’s dermatologists and expert salon professionals recommend all-natural, organic facial treatments. Skincare containing harmful ingredients such as parabens are causing health problems. These potentially toxic chemicals can dry out skin and irritate, as well as harm the deeper skin layers causing severe skin disorders and skin cancers.

One way to moisturise, pamper and revitalise your skin without any attached risks is to ensure the therapist uses products derived from naturally occurring ingredients. Natural ingredients include chamomile, algae, aloe vera, tea tree oil, sunflower oil, jojoba oil, beeswax, witch hazel, honey, frankincense, rose oil, flower extracts, and many others.

When they are 100% chemical free, exfoliating the dead skin cells allows the skin underneath to breathe, giving a naturally radiant glow to the skin and lightening the skin tone. When you eliminate the risk from chemicals and their side effects, these types of facials are then safe to repeat every month without damaging your skin or causing skin irritations and breakouts.

It’s good to remember that the skin absorbs a small portion of anything we put on it into the body, whether this is from skincare, shampoo, or sun cream. Our cells can't utilise these toxic substances, and so this puts added pressure on the liver and other elimination systems to remove them safely. Harsh chemicals, when used repeatedly, can kill live skin cells and create venerability in the dermis of the skin, leading to a higher risk of skin damage and delayed healing.

On the other hand, organic substances like fruits, vegetables and essential oils are just as useful and lovely on the body as in the body. They nourish and feed existing cells, helping them to stay healthy and hydrated, and packed with antioxidants which promote cell regeneration.

Great for all skin types

Natural products lack the harsh preservatives in traditional skin care products and will therefore not irritate or dry out even sensitive skin.

Natural ingredients help to keep your skin in balance, promote a healthy amount of oil and water to maintain skin cells from the inside out. Traditional products tend to strip the skin of essential oils and leave behind a dry, flay complexion that needs more care.

Our bodies love Organic products!

Our bodies instinctively know how to utilise natural ingredients and provide vitamins and minerals to the skin cells, giving you the results without the risks. Your skin will flourish, and organic products can:

  • Help skin to retain its elasticity and moisture

  • Unclog your pores

  • Reduce the appearance and frequency of acne

  • Diminish fine lines and wrinkles

  • Keep your skin looking youthful and smooth

Benefits of Natural Scents

When ingredients are natural and organic, everything is naturally-scented. Your rose cream contains real rose water, and your essential oils are from the actual plant, never an imitation.

A good example is Lavender, the most commonly imitated smell in personal care products. The real essential oil, as well as being a very soothing scent that can heal insomnia, depression and anxiety, it benefits the skin by:

  • Treating acne

  • Treating eczema

  • Detoxifying the skin

  • Heals burns and insect bites

  • Acts as a natural toner

Top 5 Benefits of Organic Facial Care

  1. All natural – you can be sure that products contain botanical extracts with essential vitamins and minerals to feed and nourish the skin, and no added chemicals or preservatives. Just watch out for smart labelling though, when it says it contains 100% organic x, it can often mean that ingredient x is organic, but the whole product still includes chemicals.

  2. They are effective with no side effects – the plant extracts, natural oils, fruits and vegetables that contain proper nutrients will feed and nourish skin cells at a deep level, meaning your skin is nourished from within. You’ll get that radiant skin glow without dryness, irritation or other added risk factors.

  3. Prevents damage to skin – our skin is often subject to nature; wind, sun, cold etc. Natural products can unclog the pores so skin can breathe naturally in these conditions, help to retain elasticity and moisture, and stop harsh weather affecting your skin.

  4. Perfect for all skin types – with no chemicals to upset sensitive skin, and natural oils to balance combination skin, all skin types are happy with a more natural organic skincare routine.

  5. Contains no preservatives – yes, you will need to replace your products a little more often, but the benefits far outweigh the additional costs, and with products that enlighten the senses, feeling and smell gorgeous, you’ll want to use them all the time anyway.

Choose products that support your wellness and make you feel gorgeous.

Waterlily Therapies is here to help you stay healthy and balanced, so all of my treatments, whether it’s oils for a massage, foot cream for reflexology or skin care for a relaxing facial is organic and free from chemicals. You can feel safe in the knowledge that holistically your body will be in good hands, inside and out.

Sharon Cole

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