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Make Your Home a Sanctuary

Soon the kids will break up for summer, and most of us are thinking about getting away for a well-deserved rest. Can’t get away for the summer? With holidays still a little hit and miss, we might need to think of alternative ways to use our own space to get the happy, joyful feelings we are craving.

I'm a home bird, my home is my safe place, but could it also be the best retreat I've experienced this summer? Let's find out ….

In my 20's, I lived in many different places, from sharing a student house to a flat above a shop. I even spent a period of my summer holidays living in a tent! What I learnt in the journey to where I am today is that your home, whatever form that might take, has a profound effect on our energy centres, and hence, our lives. Home can centre us more than any holiday destination or luxury break we might seek, and in coming home, we come back to ourselves in the physical sense.

Our home reflects who we are and creates the foundation of how we present ourselves to the world. It's where we seek to find the higher vibrational energies of love, happiness and joy in our lives.

Of course, the last 18 months has changed the way many of us view our homes. Being forced to stay in, some find their home feels more like a prison than a warm and cosy sanctuary. And stuck in our own space, we may have forgotten how sacred this really is.

Rediscover the joy of your home with some tips that will help you harmonise the energy around you. Here are some ideas to try. Choose something that resonates to see if your home can be the best retreat for your body, mind and soul.

Create a safe space

Our bodies and minds respond to more confined places to meditate and calm the mind, so find a nook in your home that you can add blankets and cushions to create the feeling of a safe place. Our ancestors would feel vulnerable in big, open spaces, so caves, nooks and sheltered spots would be their safe havens. When we find stillness in our homes and minds, we can come into the intuitive space and connect to our ancestors' wisdom that dissolves stress, anxiety and pain.

The Power of Nature

Flowers symbolise hope, growth and togetherness, and house plants work to purify the air we breathe. Keeping dead plants can cause energy to stagnate, so make sure to follow the instructions on how to deadhead any flowers that are past their best.

You can also bring nature into your home by using natural materials like wood. Wood draws us towards our roots, connects back to nature, and unites with our energy centre.

Picture perfect

The windows to your soul are the eyes, and the messages we deliver to our subconscious comes from what we see. The right environment can, therefore, play a huge role in setting our mood. The right picture, for example, can get us into a state of being rather than a state of doing and create a vision of the life we want to build.

We don't have to be in the places physically for our minds to benefit from them. Choosing pictures or photos of beautiful and picturesque waterfalls, galloping horses, and sturdy deep-sea boats moving through the ocean represents flow and encourages a sense of momentum and abundance in the stillness of your sanctuary.

Peaceful sleep

Sleep should be as natural as breathing, but stress and anxiety make this challenging. However, you can change things in your environment to improve the quality and quantity of your sleep. Firstly, reserve your bedroom for sleep and sex only. Remove any books you are not currently reading, as well as any other paperwork or clutter.

It would help if you also got rid of any mirrors in this sacred space, as they reflect the light and make the energy of your sleep space very 'yang' and active. Keep mirrors in the bathroom or hallway. Calming yin colours like light blues, greens and lavenders are also a good idea.

A shining light

Natural light, especially in the morning, sets your internal clock in motion. Open your curtains, use blinds, half curtains, or use the much weaker but still workable substitute, full-spectrum light bulbs. Doing this will energise you and help you keep appropriate body rhythms, which can help you keep going throughout a stressful day and help you get to sleep at a reasonable hour at night.

Create soothing pools of light in your home by opening the curtains at dawn and dusk, as well as using Himalayan salt lamps to help clear the electromagnetic frequencies in your rooms.



Your safe and peaceful haven.

A comfortable place of refuge and rest in a noisy, chaotic world.

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