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Look for the magic in the mundane!

Look for the magic and joy in each day
Look for the magic and joy in each day

It may just be post-holiday blues, but I sometimes feel like I'm on a hamster wheel, doing the same things over and over. Working, cleaning, cooking, washing - daily tasks that seem never to end, no matter how many times you do them. Now and again, I just feel like there must be more to life.

But, it's not about escaping the mundane. It's looking for the joy in it. When I feel like this, I realise that I need to bring more positivity and fun into my day and look for the magic.

I'm not the only one that feels this way, and sometimes, this feeling can lead people to make significant life changes, like changing jobs, or moving home, which can be very positive but is not always necessary!

Introducing some simple spiritual rituals into your life can bring back the spark to even the most tedious tasks without the major stress and upheaval of those big life changes.

Embrace nature

There are many ways to embrace the natural world. Simply taking the time to notice the natural world and the passing of the seasons can be the best magic ritual of them all. Here are just a few ideas to help you embrace nature.

  • Get up in time to see the sunrise

  • Make a date with the sunset

  • Try walking barefoot on dew-covered grass

  • Plant seeds

  • Lie in a field, sunbathe, or moon bathe as you gaze up at the stars

  • Feed the birds

  • Forage for wild blackberries

  • Or just hug a tree.

Go outside

Sometimes, you just need to get some fresh air and take a few deep breaths, and there's no better place than the great outdoors. Don't feel like you have to have a natural beauty spot on your doorstep to benefit either. Simply shutting the front door behind you and breathing in and out for five minutes can be enough to reset your mind and body when things get overwhelming. I'm pretty sure everything feels better with a change of scenery.

Get grounded

When everything feels a bit out of control, it also helps if I feel grounded. For me, one of the best ways to do this is to walk barefoot on the earth. Admittedly, there isn't always quite so appealing in the great British Autumn and winter, with its cold, wet and changeable weather. If you don't fancy stepping outside, a salt bath or grounding meditation can do the trick.


Try some positive visualisation. Imagine every cell in your body filling with a protective white light - a light that forms a force field around you that nothing and no one can penetrate. This is a commonly used technique in spiritual practices, so if you want to be guided through a similar visualisation, you can find plenty of versions of this online.

Create a safe space

Make a sacred space in your home that you can return to when you need to refocus and meditate. Even the smallest of shelves will do. Add crystals, candles, oracle cards, or inspiring art. Find items that represent the four elements - earth, air, fire and water. Add pictures of loved ones, seasonal plants or flowers, beautiful fabrics, your vision board, or anything that inspires or feels meaningful to you.

A quick fix

Sometimes it's an emergency, and you don't have the time for a hot bath, a barefoot stroll or a white-light visualisation. Sometimes you need a reset, and you need it now. That's where adding a quick fix to your toolkit comes in handy. Try keeping a protective crystal in your pocket. Black tourmaline is said to have grounding and stabilising properties. Squeeze it whenever you need an energetic boost, or you need to banish bad vibes.

The world is full of so many marvels that can lead to joy. We just need to pause, get out of our heads and notice. You can do this by trying a sensory experience (i.e. look up at the stars, smell the summer air, listen to each instrument in a song, taste some refreshing cold water, or feel the soft fur of your pet). Take some time out of each day to observe the world around you. A choice of magical mindfulness may leave you feeling better about what initially appears to be ordinary and mundane.

There are magical moments in every day. We just have to take the time to see them!

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