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Increasing your Vibration

I feel I was ready to hear this message of rest this week.

"Sometimes the most important thing in a whole day is the rest we take between two deep breaths or the turning inwards in prayer for five short minutes. Rest is important. It could be the most important part of your day. Are you willing to pause for a few moments and enjoy the rest you can take?" - Etty Hillesum

October was one of the busiest months I've had in a long time. Although I don't like having to close my business, my first thought was 'What projects can I be working on?', 'What books do I need to read next?', 'What can I organise ready for Christmas?' and I gave myself a huge to-do list before I had even finished seeing my last client.

So, even when we know better... we're still human. And this is one of the reasons I love surrounding myself with like-minded people who keep me grounded and remind me of the important things.

Practising Reiki and other energy work for years has given me an insight into my energy levels, and what I didn't want during this lockdown was to find myself in a low-frequency vibration that comes with feelings of negativity. Uncertainty is tough on us all, and it sometimes feels like laziness to be sitting on the sofa watching repeat episodes of Bones, instead of working through an ever-growing to-do list.

Perhaps now is a good time for us all to practice a little self-love to create high-frequency feelings that attract more good things into your life.

Let me explain what I mean …

The energy of love drives life. The reason we all seek love is that it is our inbuilt mechanism to living a full life in the world. And by love, this could mean being in love with a person, a project, your life. Love brings joy. It allows us to be in the present moment and create the life we would like to live.

However, fear suppresses energy, and research shows that it also suppresses the immune system. This is why it's key to keep your energy vibration high. Stress, anger, depression, anxiety and fear vibrate at a lower frequency and will change our state into a lower frequency, meaning we are more likely to get ill.

High Vibrations

It was Nikola Tesla who believed that all matter is merely energy vibrating at a particular frequency. Quantum physics explains that every single atom in our bodies is about 99 per cent space and only one per cent physical matter.

It's hard to believe our physical form is vibrating, but yet, on a deeper level, we know this to be true. When we get angry, we can feel our pulse pounding in our temples, we breathe heavily, and we feel the world around us as hard and physical. This is the reality of a low-vibration life.

When we choose to focus on more positive emotions – love and gratitude – we have the power to transform our lives and attract people who are in tune with the love and gratitude we are expressing.

Picking up bad vibes

If you're still not convinced, we can probably all agree that we have experienced someone who rubs us up the wrong way. We take an instant dislike to them, and we can't explain why. If you start to think of it in terms of energy exchange, then suddenly it becomes a lot clearer. That new colleague that you can't seem to gel with, or your best friends' partner that you don't immediately warm to, are probably operating at a different energy frequency to you. You just need to work out whether it's higher or lower than your own.

However, we can't operate on one frequency all of the time. Some of the modern happiness guru's try to get us to believe that if we aren't happy 100% of the time, we are doing something wrong. But without low-frequency vibrations, we are not truly able to experience, or even recognise when we are in the flow of high-vibrational moments.

When we recognise we are in a low vibrational state, it gives us the chance to ask ourselves what these feelings are trying to tell us. When we work this out, we can shift our perspective and our energy.

This shift takes awareness and practice, and most importantly, it takes a willingness to be gentle, nurturing and loving towards ourselves. When we honour the whole experience, the highs as well as the lows, we come into deeper alignment with our most authentic selves and our higher purpose.

This is the magic space where alignment and frequency attract others who are on a similar path.

Try it for yourself

Bringing in some joy to your life, such as laughter, connecting with people or talking to a friend can help. You can also limit time on electronic devices as Wi-Fi interferes with our electromagnetic frequency and can reduce our vibration. Here are five other ways you can raise your energy:

Meditate: not only can mediation help you to navigate anxious thoughts, but it can also give you that much-needed insight into your thoughts and feelings – essential if you want to fine-tune your energy.

Even if you only have time to take two minutes, it can energise your entire body as it fills up with oxygenated breath. As you breathe in, focus on breathing in relaxation and calm and simply let go of what no longer serves you, until you feel relaxed and still.

Practice gratitude: Being in a state of gratitude and feeling blessed is a great way to shift your energy. When you are thankful for all you have and genuinely showing appreciation, you enter a state of love and shift negative emotions.

Daily journaling is another great way to put yourself into a higher vibrational state. Rather than focus on what you don't have, try to make a list of all the things you can be thankful for. That way, you can start and end each day on a more positive note.

Make time for downward dog: A little morning Yoga always makes me feel better. But the poses in yoga do more than just clear your mind. They can raise your vibration and free up stagnant energy in the body too.

Not a fan? Go for a walk and, to take this a step further, use nature to energise you. Nature is alive; it's vibrant, beautiful and full of energy. Look around you at every colour, really be present in the moment and find five things you love on your walk. Walking reduces stress, gets you out of your head and back into your body, and nature raises your vibration and helps to reset your auric field.

Breathe deeply: simple, but effective – deep breathing can not only help to calm your nervous system and release tension, but it can help you to raise your frequency too by releasing low-frequency feelings like stress, anxiety and fear.

Breathe, relax and visualise a bright light on your heart chakra (centre of your chest). Continue breathing in and breathing out, and see the light on your heart shimmering and expanding. Feel how your energy shifts as you breathe in this beautiful light.

Try Reiki: Because Reiki is the channelling of Universal Energy, the person receiving Reiki during a treatment receives a kind of "Spring Cleaning" of the energy centres of the body, otherwise known as chakras. As Reiki helps us release what no longer serves us and heals the chakras and energy fields that we cannot see, we are more able to own our power, align with our higher purpose and raise our vibrations.

Chanting OM generates positive vibrations in the body

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