Emotional vs Real Hunger

Emotional vs real hunger

If you are trying to lose weight as part of your health and wellness goals, you might want to think about how you view food and your body.

When it comes to food and our bodies, we often try to cure the symptom rather than deal with the underlying cause. A common resolution is to start a new diet in the belief that if we can just lose a few pounds, we can be happier and feel more confident.

It’s far easier to blame our unhappiness on something we have the control to change, rather than to admit our sadness might have a deeper emotional cause. So, it’s time to learn to tell the difference between real hunger and emotional hunger.

We eat to maintain the needs of the body, satisfying our physical needs is the reason we feel real hunger. However, we are also emotional beings and eat to satisfy our mental needs, either out of habit or environmental triggers (like eating ice cream at the summer fete, or a mince pie at Christmas).