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60-second Wellbeing Rituals

60 second wellbeing rituals

It can be very empowering to take our health and wellbeing into our own hands. By balancing and supporting the energy of your mind and body, you can learn how to become more independent, not relying on others or things for your health, preventing ‘dis-ease’ in the long term.

There are simple techniques and steps you can take yourself in order to feel better – understanding how your body works, not only physically, but mentally, emotionally and energetically, and how this is all connected. You can then take small steps to balance yourself with your breath, your diet, exercise, emotions and your sleep habits.

Small habits and lifestyle choices that on their own and as one-offs are not life-changing, but as an ongoing journey into your health and happiness will impact on a healthier and happier version of you.

Here are seven 60-second rituals you can try at home:

#1 – Go outside

A simple way to get in touch with ourselves is to enjoy more time in nature. Many research studies are showing the de-stressing effects of spending more time in green spaces. Spend a minute or two each day outside, breathing deeply to attune to the natural environment and the changing of the seasons.

#2 – Sound healing

Choose a simple repetitive chant, one that you can learn quickly, so you’re not always trying to remember it.

Chant OM

  • Take a deep breath in.

  • As you exhale, chant the sound OM.

  • When you run out of breath, breathe in and repeat the chant.

  • Continue at your own pace for 1 to 3 minutes.

#3 - Connect to the breath

Our minds are often busy, feeling heightened stress levels, and causing us to breathe in short, shallow breaths. In your most stressed-out moments, don’t forget you have a built-in relaxation method: breathing!

So, focus on your breath. Just sit quietly and notice the rhythm, pace, and depth of your breathing. If you need it, take a couple of deep breaths. Even one minute of simple observation and focus is enough to be deeply restorative to the mind and body. Aim to slow your breathing to a calm, long and rhythmical breath which expands the chest and belly on the in breath, and relaxes them on the out breath.

#4 - Drop your shoulders

Often we hold tension in our bodies without even realising it, and the shoulders are a common area. Throughout your day, stop and observe your shoulders, and any pressure that may be there. Do a couple of stretches to release the tension, and the consciously drop and lower your shoulders away from your ears, using a deep breath to exhale away any tension as you do so.

#5 - Foot Self Massage

Running, jogging and prolonged walking can be torturous for your feet. By the end of the day, your feet may be aching so badly that you want to scream. The good news is that your foot pain can be relieved with this simple exercise.

What you’ll need: Massage Ball Or Tennis Ball

How to do it:

  • Sit in a comfortable chair with your feet bare or with a sock on.

  • Position the tennis ball under your foot.

  • Roll back and forth from heel to toe using firm pressure.

  • If you come across a painful or tender area, work the knot out by rolling in small circles.

  • Do this exercise on both of your feet.

  • To add more pressure, try performing this technique while standing.

#6 - Eat mindfully

We often eat on the go, or rush our meals these days, but instead try eating more mindfully. When you sit down to enjoy your meal, smell your food, take the first fork or spoonful, and chew slowly. For a minute or so, notice the flavour and texture of each mouthful. This technique will not only mean that each meal becomes more satisfying, but it will also aid your digestion, and you will be more aware when you are full, stopping you from overeating.

#7 - Express gratitude

Gratitude is important at the end of each day to help us ground, appreciate the good parts of our day, and help us to unwind and prepare for sleep. Before bedtime, take a minute to list everything you are grateful for. Don’t over think this step, just see what pops into your mind. This will help to process your day, create a positive mindset, and is more conducive to a restful night’s sleep.

One minute of laughter boosts the immune system

for 24 hours.

Sharon Cole

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