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Foot Reflexology: Service


3flexology is Reflexology with a treat!

“Be present for all things, and be thankful for all things” Mayo Angelou.

In honour and thanks to my friend who retired from the holistic therapy business recently, I want to find a way to say thank you! She was the lady who helped me when I super stressed out, struggling with life in general, and the inspiration behind me setting up Waterlily Therapies. I’ve been visiting her regularly for more than 18 years and going to miss her immensely as a therapist. So, let me introduce you to 3Flexology …

3flexology is Reflexology with a treat!

A combination of traditional Reflexology is mixed with the stimulation of the reflex points on the hands and face, sending the receiver into a deep state of relaxation.

Feel Great... and support the bees!

Feel the stress and strains of the day melt away with a deeply relaxing reflexology treatment and the naturally nourishing Bee Lovely collection - lovingly crafted with honey, beeswax, propolis and uplifting organic orange essential oil.

Plus, 3% of Bee lovely sales go to Bee-friendly charities to create homes for over 100 bees and help protect this humble and vital insect. (Their passion for a sustainable planet is another reason why I love working with Neal’s Yard Remedies).


This treatment is ideal for those who need to relax, suffer from anxiety, stress, and if you like Reflexology you’ll love 3Flex!

Bee on a Daisy

Reflexology and Reiki (‘R n R’)

Reflexology and Reiki are both wonderful treatments on their own, so why not combine them?

Taking time out to take care of your wellness needs is always beneficial. Booking holistic therapies on a regular basis can help to prevent many illnesses, as it lowers our stress levels. The ability to experience two healing therapies at once is a wonderful opportunity to increase your body-mind self-care.

The combination of these two therapies is extremely effective.  When a reflexologist is also a qualified Reiki practitioner, some Reiki will always be added through the feet - even if you only book a reflexology session. But, when reflexology and Reiki are deliberately combined, the relaxation is often much deeper and may even create a quicker response time.

The R n R Treatment

This treatment provides you with a full foot reflexology treatment, combining Reiki in the feet, followed by a mini body Reiki treatment, helping to clear trapped energy to provide the deepest sense of wellbeing. 

After receiving Reflexology, the body’s energy pathways are open and ready to receive healing.  Reiki takes the treatment deeper and is a subtle yet powerful treatment that accelerates the body’s healing process. 

The Reiki involves the gentle placing of hands over the body from the crown of the head to the feet.  Each position is held for several minutes.  The receiver will enter into a very deep state of relaxation and calm, feeling centred, positive and balanced. 

Relaxed chair.jpg


60 min - £40.00

Reflexology and Reiki (RnR)

60 min - £40.00

90 mins - £60.00

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