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Foot Reflexology: Service

Dien Chan Zone Facial Reflexology

A relaxing treatment to naturally restore balance

Dien Chan Zone is a technique from Vietnam which has been adapted and Westernised in Italy. It treats symptoms in the body via stimulation of zones on the face to lower stress and anxiety, reduce pain, improve injury healing, and can help anyone who has difficulty going to sleep and staying asleep.

Dien Chan Zone is a beautiful and relaxing treatment, which is extremely gentle yet very effective. The therapy itself would last from 30 to 60 minutes, followed by your unique maps and guidance as a self-tool therapy to work on yourself at home, allowing you to harmonise your physical, emotional and spiritual energy. It's a treatment that is suitable for everyone as no facial oils, or special equipment is needed.

'Reflexology’ refers to a range of techniques used on the skin, (e.g. the hands, feet, face, ears) to send a signal to the brain which, in turn, sends a message to the organ, or to the area affected by the problematic symptoms.  By working on the skin, it offers a more profound inner response to healing.

The more frequently this technique is applied, the more powerful it becomes. Its fundamental purpose is to dissolve the energetic block that is at the root of all diseases and illnesses. By allowing the free-flowing river of energy back into circulation, we can encourage the body to self-heal by stimulating the reflex points on the face.

The Treatment

We begin with a consultation of your current symptoms and design a treatment plan based on your current needs.


You are then asked to lie comfortably on the massage couch. Initial and final contact with a 'mother hand' is always maintained in connection with the recipient. Treatment starts with the initial protocol (relaxation of the nervous system and mandatory base points).


Each symptom has a corresponding zone on the face relating to the organ or system in question. An investigation of zones, micro-zones and points of interest are identified by visible discomfort, redness and/or the presence of bulges or depressions in the skin, and specific points relating to the organ in question are worked and stimulated with light pressure and presence.


Why try Facial Reflexology?

By stimulating different areas and reflex points on the face, Dien Chan facial reflexology is said to have potent healing effects for back or neck pain, poor digestion, migraines, stress, hormonal imbalances and even mental or emotional conditions such as anxiety and depression.


The therapy is also said to enhance sleep quality and boost calmness, as well as stimulate facial rejuvenation by creating a natural facelift.


You also receive a 21-day self-care ritual to continue the benefits of facial reflexology in the comfort of your own home.

The Benefits

After reflexology, people report feeling a warmth, tingling, greater relaxation, and other positive sensations. Though the majority of studies to date have focused on hand or foot reflexology, the overwhelming results of this research have been positive.


People who receive reflexology treatment demonstrate lowered stress and anxiety, better overall health, improved injury healing, and less difficulty going to sleep and staying asleep. Facial reflexology specifically has been shown to reduce insomnia in test subjects.

Therapists are using facial reflexology to promote blood circulation, strengthen the bond between the facial skin and muscles, and release muscular tension. In addition to targeting other areas all over the body, these effects can also result in improved facial tone and tightening of the skin.


As a therapist, working on the feet and working on the face offer an intimate connection with the receiver. Facial Reflexology places the practitioner at the crown chakra of the receiver – the most spiritual and meditative energy centre in the body. The treatment is very peaceful and relaxing because it allows a moment of presence and stillness at the same time, a "sacred pause" if you like, of the head, heart and hands.


Facial Reflexology is revolutionary because it can be applied by anyone, anywhere, anytime with the use of your fingertips. Anyone that can touch their face has the ability for a self-treatment based on the intuitive maps of Dien Chan Zone.


It is possible to stimulate the reflex zones on your own feet, although foot reflexology requires you to bend at the ankle, knees, hips, and solar plexus, making it uncomfortable and disrupting the flow of qi (energy) that we aim to re-balance.


There are also beautifying benefits of facial reflexology due to improved circulation, better skin function, muscle toning and fine line reductions, however, real beauty comes from deep within. These results can be achieved by working with internal imbalances (digestive, hormonal, respiratory, etc.) and is always the priority...


This treatment is deeply relaxing, and I find that most of my clients will fall asleep halfway through it!


Facial Reflexology

30 min - £30.00


Foot and Facial Reflexology

60 min - £40.00

What my clients say

“Very relaxing"

Emma Downing

"It is so relaxing, easing all the tension in facial muscles. It is lovely to be able to continue with self-treatment at home after Sharon kindly explained how and where to massage myself."

Sue Milakovic

"I most enjoyed the clearing of my head and able to breathe properly after my recent cold. Looking forward to my next treatment."

David Potter

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