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Guided Meditations

Guided Meditations:
Embrace Relaxation and Healing Time Just for You

When was the last time you stood barefoot on the grass?

Nature's Magic: The research into barefoot walking revealed awesome benefits of outdoor bliss – from eased anxiety to heightened creativity. And for me, it's the irreplaceable connection with my surroundings that makes this feel amazing..

Amidst the chaos of a racing mind, I find solace in baring my feet and sinking them into the earth. This simple act of connecting with grass, dirt, and life beneath my toes slows time and reconnects me with the world around me.

When the world whirls too fast, life's rush leaves you breathless, and the flurry of activity blurs your focus, this guided visualisation is your anchor. Let it sweep away stress, untangle tension, replenish your energy, and cocoon you in the profound embrace of nature's grounding embrace.

Feeling Safe Meditation


A guided meditation designed to create a feeling of safety and serenity. Through this soothing practice, you can unburden yourself from the weight of stress, allowing healing and rejuvenation to bloom and gently guiding you away from the daily hustle.


Floating on a cloud meditation

With thanks to the Inner Health Studio


A gentle visualization inviting you to recapture the childlike wonder of floating on a cloud enveloped in tranquillity.

Relax your Vagus Nerve


In this video, I guide you through a powerful chant crafted to disperse stagnant energy. The resonant hum, originating from your lower belly, delicately awakens the vital vagus nerve - a key player in our body's stress system.

Angel Buckets Meditation


Life throws many challenges at us, so here is a beautiful meditation to use anytime you feel worried about some life challenges.

It's a short meditation, but sit quietly and let the Angels help you now, knowing that you deserve it. Know that as you heal yourself, so, too, do you heal the world.

Loving Heart Meditation


A Zen meditation to help you to fill your heart with love and light. This meditation begins with a scan for creating a relaxed presence in the body, bringing loving attention to our inner life, and in widening circles, to our world.

Loving Kindness Meditation

Loving kindness meditation is a popular self-care technique used to boost wellbeing and reduce stress. Those who regularly practise loving kindness meditation can increase their capacity for forgiveness, connection to others, self-acceptance, and more..

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