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Gua Sha is simple

Gua Sha is a simple, but profoundly effective series of self-treatments comprising of tools and easy one-minute techniques.


Gua Sha rituals

Combine beautiful crystal products, easy techniques and ancient wisdom into simple one-minute rituals, designed to fit effortlessly into everyday life.

The Tools

An Integrated Approach to Wellness

Modern living has an acknowledged and detrimental effect on our health, beauty and wellness. The knock on effects of our lifestyle trigger everything from poor sleep and bad skin to weight gain, anxiety and multiple chronic illnesses.

The solution? Chinese Medicine. A natural healing system that has been used by millions of people for thousands of years and offers a wealth of techniques that protect your health. The ground-breaking Hayo’u Method distils this remarkable holistic philosophy into easy but pleasurable techniques.


Treat yourself well to relieve stress, enliven your complexion and supercharge your wellbeing. No pill popping, crash diets or plastic waste.

Meditation by the Beach
Olive Grove

Thousands of Years in a Single Minute

Gua Sha rituals only take a minute to do. But they are thousands of years in the making. Combined with a range of tools, they become incredibly powerful self-treatment techniques to counter-balance the negative impact of modern living and achieve clear results. Bridging the gap between ancient wisdom and modern living.

What is Chinese Medicine?

Chinese medicine is a natural healing system, used by millions of people for thousands of years. The key to it is an incredibly sophisticated understanding of how the body works: physically, emotionally and spiritually.


Chinese medicine holds the answer to your health because it offers countless powerful techniques that effectively clear inflammation and increase immunity, yet fit effortlessly into your day.





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