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Spinal Touch Therapy: Service
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Spinal Touch Therapy

The Ultimate Treatment for Back Pain

What is Spinal Touch Therapy?


Spinal Touch is based on an understanding of the natural impact of the force of gravity on the body. Any stress whether it is physical, emotional, mental, or nutritional can create an imbalance at the centre of gravity of the human body.


Have you ever felt that dull ache (or sometimes not so dull) in the base of your spine after being on your feet all day, carrying heavy shopping or the kids, or been working in the garden all day? That’s where you find the centre of gravity in the body.


Spinal Touch realigns this centre of gravity by using leverage and muscle relaxation. It rebalances both energy and posture. Although it is a ‘light touch’ treatment, it can be powerfully effective.


The Spinal Touch Treatment deals with the basic problem of your health (namely stress and strain), by relaxing those muscles that have been pushed beyond their elastic limits. These muscles are unable to relax by themselves, no matter how long you were able to lie in bed and rest. So many fatigue toxins are stored in them that true rest is impossible.

The way to reverse this trend of increasing strain and distortion is to encourage the muscles to relax and to rest. A relaxed muscle allows the body to return to its normal posture and a rested muscle allows all of the toxins that accumulated during the contraction phase to be released into the body for natural disposal.


Postural realignment corrects distortion and gently heals aches and pains often within seconds. From the client’s point of view, this is an effective and relaxing treatment.


The end result of the Spinal Touch Treatment is to bring your spine into mechanical balance through
muscle relaxation. The Spinal Touch therapist will lightly touch key areas of your back in such a way that they will redirect the inner energies of your body. This redirecting process causes your muscles to relax and gently pull your spine into its more natural position.


Remember, bones do not move muscles, muscles move bones. Because of this, a Spinal Touch Treatment may bring more lasting relief than a manipulation of the bone.

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Relieving Pain

If you suffer from pain such as sprained muscles or headaches, bursitis and other pains in the back, shoulders and other areas of your body; then a Spinal Touch Treatment should give almost instant relief.


Sometimes the therapist will touch an area where you weren't even aware of the pain, but it's there. Whether you are being treated specifically for pain, or the therapist finds areas of the back or shoulders that are painful, you will feel the discomfort begin to "melt away" during the course of treatment. As everybody responds at a different rate, the pain may entirely disappear after the first treatment or it may take several treatments to make it finally go away. 

The Benefits

I've treated many people with Spinal Touch with a high success ratio. Because Spinal Touch helps the body to relax, it improves health as a whole, even when a patient has come because of a specific problem.

Conditions which have been helped by Spinal Touch, include:

  • ankylosing spondylitis

  • anxiety and stress

  • arthritis

  • asthma

  • back pain

  • balance problems

  • digestive problems

  • frozen shoulder

  • headaches and migraines

  • insomnia

  • jaw problems

  • joint pain

  • kyphosis, lordosis or scoliosis

  • low energy and fatigue

  • menstrual problems

  • neck pain

  • pins and needles

  • problems that occur as a result of pregnancy and/or Childbirth

  • sciatica,  

  • sports injuries

  • tennis elbow

  • tension

  • trauma-related pain

  • visual disturbances

  • whiplash injury and more.

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The Treatment

The first visit involves a postural assessment and treatment stages, Spinal Touch is known as the gentle and non-invasive treatment, and the treatment is perfectly safe for very young children right up to the very elderly.

You will be asked to stand next to a plumb-line for your initial postural assessment. Some discreet marks are made on various parts of your body using a skin pencil to give us a frame of reference. firstly for the treatment, and secondly so that we can see exactly what effect the treatment had on you.

Then you will be asked to lie, face down, on a treatment couch for approximately 20 minutes. The therapist applies a precise sequence of light pressure contacts, called 'rub outs', covering a sequence of reflex points. These reflex points and muscle insertions cover the glutes, the sacrum, the spine, shoulders, neck, back of the head, and the abdomen.

These specific areas of treatment guide the body toward postural correction and bring on a state of profound relaxation. A relaxed state encourages the release of muscular tension and pain.


Upon completion, I will ask you to return to the plumb-line so that we can compare your new posture to the original marks of your initial assessment. The effect of Spinal Touch is to guide the body to realign itself with its centre of gravity. This allows the skeletal structure to begin to move back to normal.

Most people feel an immediate change in themselves as muscles and cells relax. Normal blood flow, energy flow and oxygen are all increased into previously stressed areas of the body. In this way, the client looks and feels taller, straighter and altogether more comfortable.

Client response can range from simple pain relief to a complete and quite rapid recovery depending on the original nature of the complaint. If your body has been distorted for a prolonged period of time, then it should not be the intention to perform a rapid recovery. The body took a long time to take on this distortion and it will not give it up readily or immediately.


With persistence, Spinal Touch can gradually retrain the body, and the mind, to take on a new, more comfortable position and once the body enjoys this new pain-free way of being, will willingly accept it as the way forward. Once the mind is involved in this procedure, it is my experience that the treatment can hold for a considerable time.


Do not let pain and discomfort compromise the quality of your life. Spinal Touch Treatment may be the answer you've been looking for!

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What my clients say

"Sharon has helped my back and neck problems. I would recommend her to everyone who has a posture problem as I had."

Shiela Bridgen

"Hi Sharon, Just to let you know that a miracle happened with the 'leg' at pilates last night.   I was able to lift it right up to the correct height, everybody was amazed because they know what difficulty I have had.  Hope it continues so I will try and do it 3 or 4 times a week to keep it going.  Many thanks to you. "

Christine Nokes

"I just wanted to say thank you, and give you a follow-up report after my Spinal Touch treatment last Thursday.

Later that day I had slight aches in various parts of my body following the release of toxins (which I expected), and I felt very sleepy. Also, funnily, I was very hungry.

Anyway, I slept soundly that night, for the first time in ages, and woke up on Friday feeling like the fairies had given me a new body. I really did feel that good. No more pins and needles in my arm or leg and I was able to fully turn my head to the left and right without any problems. I decided to have a total rest from any physical activity and again slept well on Friday night.

This morning I ran the Chasewater Parkrun, and although my left glute felt very tight, I knocked a minute off my previous best Parkrun time. I would have done better if I hadn't had to stop a couple of times to stretch my ITB.

Once again, thanks for fixing me."

Fred Smedley

"I suffer with a prolapsed disc in my lower back and recently the damaged disc ruptured and pushed out material, leaving me in extreme pain. To the point where walking was almost impossible, as the disc touched the nerves my legs would give way and I would end up on the floor. I have had spinal touch treatment before with Sharon, with great success so it was only obvious that this would be the treatment of choice again.

It only took Sharon 5 sessions to straighten me up, to the point where I could comfortably walk again.

My body is now on the mend, and I will be continuing the treatment until I am fit enough to go back to work. Spinal touch is a unique treatment which will continue to help strengthen my back even once the prolapsed disc is back in place. I intend to carry on seeing Sharon for my Spinal Touch treatment, for the foreseeable future."

Robert Smith

Spinal Touch Therapy

(45 mins) - £40.00


Spinal Touch Course

3 Treatments - £102.00

*** SAVE 15% ***


Spinal Touch with Back Massage

(60 mins) - £46.00

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