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If you find self-care overwhelming, this is for you!

Introducing Waterlily Self-Care

If you think you don't have time for your health and well-being?

Think again.


Complement Your Reflexology And Massage Treatments And Embrace Radiant Wellness: Discover Effortless Self-Care Techniques for Inner Peace, Self-Love, and Well-being,
All in Just Minutes a Day!

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Step into a Sanctuary Designed Just for You 🌸

In this unique space, I bring together people who struggle to find time for themselves. The aim is to embark on a self-care journey to cultivate inner peace and self-love.

Welcome to a haven where time for yourself is not just a dream—it's a reality we're crafting together. 

I've created this supportive haven with care, developing a content library with daily self-care and wellness options. This space is yours to relax, heal, and nurture your mind, body, and energy, one beautiful moment at a time.

Dive into the heart of this sanctuary, where mini-courses in hand reflexology, chakra healing, aromatherapy, and the art of restorative sleep await. These are the keys to unlocking wellness and self-love that will transform your well-being.

The healing tools that have uplifted me are now at your fingertips, ready to guide you on your path. As they've nurtured my journey, I hope they will resonate with you, too.


 Your radiant transformation begins here. 🌟

The Price of Stress & Overwork 

Years ago, I was caught in a whirlwind of exhaustion, teetering on the edge of burnout, my spirit weighed down by relentless stress and anxiety. The days blurred together in a haze of work and overachievement, fueled by the fear of disappointing others. My health was whispering its grievances, but I could hardly hear it. I wasn't listening due to my current obligations.

My journey wasn't a smooth one. My battles with IBS were a recurring story of discomfort. Fatigue became my companion, leaving me forgetful and unwilling to pursue even the simplest pleasures. Those rare moments of rest turned into involuntary naps, interrupted by midnight wake-up calls when my brain chose to actively remind me of my unfinished to-do list!

The desire to prioritise myself filled my thoughts, and like a whisper, I hesitated to take action. Guilt raised its voice whenever I considered self-nourishment. Saying 'no' seemed like a foreign language, and working through my responsibilities, finding what fed my soul had become a distant memory.

Does this sound familiar to you?

But then, I stumbled upon a beacon of hope—an oasis named Reflexology, a therapist who listened and taught me about Chakras, and the Transformative Power of Little Daily Self-Care.

Using these practices, I unearthed the keys to my innate ability to heal and the magic of nurturing myself. With each mindful touch, every exploration of my chakras, and the gentle embrace of daily self-care, I embarked on a journey that resonated with my soul's yearning for balance and tranquillity.

And now, it's your turn. The answers you seek are nestled within these ancient practices, waiting to set you on a path of natural healing and unbounded well-being. Join me as we script a new chapter—a tale of resilience, self-discovery, and the rekindling of your spirit's fire. 🌟

Start Living Your Best Life Today

It's your turn to embrace the moment: unwind, heal, and uncover the power of Self-Love and Self-Care.

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"Step into an Oasis of Support: Your Health, Healing, and Well-Being Thrive with Waterlily Self-Care."

Join us today and experience a transformation that resonates deeply. With a FREE 7-day trial, your journey begins risk-free, an opportunity to explore the boundless benefits that await.

Delve into a tapestry of wisdom within our signature Hand Reflexology Space—over 30 videos await, from soothing the head area to nurturing the digestive system and addressing everything from winter colds to back pain. Each video is a treasure trove of natural health tips, a wellspring of knowledge that continues to grow. Pick and choose what you want to watch based on your current health and wellness needs.

Discover the magic of mini-courses:

Also in the community are these delightful and inspiring courses to help you get the most out of your self-care ...

🌟 Aromatherapy: Learn how to blend essential oils or dive into blending ideas that invigorate energy, enhance focus, and soothe the soul into relaxation.

🌟 The Sleep Well, Live Well Series: Uncover the secrets of profound sleep, a cornerstone of holistic well-being.

🌟 Chakra Bliss: Guided meditations that ignite your energy and nurture inner healing. Plus: 50 Chakra Meditation prompts and 50 Aromatherapy recipes for healing the chakras.

With the convenience of both desktop and app access, these transformative videos are but a click away—ready to embrace you whenever you seek their soothing embrace.


Your path to healing and well-being starts now.

Join monthly for full access or pick bundles for a more tailored approach.


Discover tools and resources for personal self-care and healing with new content added every week!



A private community to connect with other women on their healing journey, creating a priceless network of friendship and support.


Ask questions, join wellness workshops, or watch replays. The choice is yours!

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Embrace the Gift of Self-Care:


Indulge yourself within our content library, where the art of reflexology transforms common ailments into distant memories. You'll find the keys to radiant wellness, from soothing stress and anxiety to relieving headaches. Engage in self-care challenges, explore aromatherapy blends, and drift into energy meditations that sculpt moments of serenity, calm, and unshakable inner peace—a sanctuary to confidently navigate life's everyday triumphs.

Why reflexology and self-care go hand in hand

"Nurturing Ourselves: The Heartfelt Path to Physical and Emotional Well-Being"

Waterlily Self-Care

Membership Highlights

🌟 Your Path to Radiant Wellness 🌟

 Discover the best self-care rituals that invite you to cultivate a wellness journey that feels like a warm embrace.

✨ Wander through the content library, where reflexology transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary. Over 30 videos are guides to your well-being, from soothing stress to easing headaches.

✨ Drift into the serene embrace of The Sleep Well Live Well Series, unravelling the mysteries of restful sleep.

✨ Immerse yourself in the aromatic wonders of an aromatherapy mini-course, igniting your senses and energy.

✨ Unleash your inner strength with self-care challenges and guided chakra meditationsmeditation prompts and aromatherapy recipes for healing the chakras, nurturing our energy centres, calm and confidence.

✨ Connect, thrive, and share in our private community—a priceless network of friendship and support.

And the cherry on top? Dive in with a FREE 7-day trial, an invitation to experience this transformative sanctuary. All of this for just an affordable monthly payment of £18

If you want a more tailored approach, you can just access the space you need ...

  • Chakra Bliss space: choosing Chakra Healing can help balance and align your energy centres, promoting holistic well-being and inner peace (one payment of £65)


  • Choosing Hand Reflexology can provide a convenient and effective way to relieve stress, improve circulation, and promote overall well-being through targeted pressure points in the hands (includes all future videos, one per month, for a one-off Introductory payment of £48). But be quick - this price won't last forever!


  • Choosing the Self-Care Bundle of aromatherapy, hand reflexology, and the sleep well series offers a comprehensive approach to holistic well-being, allowing you to relax, rejuvenate, and achieve better sleep, ultimately nurturing your physical and mental health (includes all future videos, one per month, for one payment of £178)

Join us and seize the power of wellness—your radiant journey starts now. 🌷

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Are you still wondering whether to take this magical leap?


Let me extend my hand and welcome you into a space crafted just for you. We are a tribe of women who've known the relentless hustle and whispered dreams of 'me-time' in our busy lives.

Here, we support you in daily self-care and wellness wisdom, a balm for your mind, body, and spirit. Let's take a journey of relaxation, healing, and rejuvenation, where inner peace and self-love bloom.

The tools that have lighted my path—the ones that have created inner peace and wellness—are ready to be a part of your story too.

And oh, the strength of unity! When we merge our journeys, when we co-create, and when we evolve together, miracles bloom. My purpose is to help you with the joy of shedding the weight of stress, creating moments of relaxation and healing, and fostering a positive, vibrant life.

Every drop of wisdom I share is distilled from my journey, tailor-made for you to embody and utilise easily because true transformation stems from gentle steps taken without resistance.

Believe me, the path to radiant well-being can be a breeze, a whisper. It's about carving out that sacred space to breathe, to embrace authenticity, and to bask in the splendour of being you.

So, if you're uncertain but curious, know that we await you with open hearts. Together, we'll bask in the glow of healing, nurture the flames of self-love, and dance into the light of a life lived joyfully, well, and at peace. 

About Waterlily Self-Care

  • When you join the membership, you'll receive an exclusive gift—a downloadable 25-page self-care workbook brimming with actionable ideas to kickstart your transformation.

  • And here's the magic: This invaluable resource is yours to explore during the FREE 7-day trial period.

  • Dive into a world of self-discovery, well-being, and flourishing inner peace, all within the embrace of our sanctuary. 

Notebook Dried Plants

Are you ready?

Let's start melting your stress away ...

Discover the best self-care habits that will allow you to start looking after yourself and create your wellness journey with ease.

Access to a content library will show you how to use reflexology for treating common ailments, from reducing stress and anxiety to easing headaches. There are over 30 videos covering all aspects of health and wellness.

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  • Unlock the realm of tranquil nights and rejuvenating slumber with The Sleep Well Live Well Series—a collection of secrets for quality sleep that's your gateway to a well-rested you.

  • Dive into the aromatic wonders of our aromatherapy mini-course, where the art of creating blends, exploring essential oils, and concocting energizing, detoxifying, and focus-enhancing combinations awaits your touch.

  • Discover inner harmony and rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul through guided chakra healing meditations, prompts and aromatherapy recipes.

  • But that's not all; embrace self-care challenges that ignite your spirit and energy, that weave a cocoon of calm and unshakable inner peace—your armour to conquer life's daily hurdles.

  • Connect with kindred souls in our private community, a safe space where friendship and support flow boundlessly, a lifeline of encouragement.

  • Step into a world where your well-being is cherished, where you're celebrated for who you are. Join us, and let the magic unfold. 

Easy payment options - £18 per month

or Choose your ideal self-care bundle (from £48)


"Sharon is a very likeable and professional therapist who makes you feel totally at ease."


"Thank you for the video last week. On my right hand, the points you said to work on, were very tender and so I guess that was where the congestion was, it was a big help, thank you x"


"The hand exercises helped yesterday so will do them again, thanks for sharing xx"


Waterlily Self-Care


Are you ready?

Let's start melting your stress away ...


Who is this membership for?

This membership is for anyone looking to dive into self-care, self-love and healing using their hands, face and other simple, accessible tools. If you want to relax, heal and nourish your mind, body and soul, you are in the right place.

What's included?

With your self-care membership, you get access to a library of resources, including videos, PDF's and articles, workshops, coaching, and Q&As. All of which help you to relax, de-stress, find healing tools and techniques when you need them, and a private and supportive community of people on a wellness journey together. If you choose to purchase a space, you'll have lifetime access to all future updates.

Where is it available?

Anywhere with access to the internet! You can access The Waterlily Self-Care dashboard via desktop or mobile app.

Can I sign up anytime?

Yes. I am currently working with a small group so that I can build a membership that really delivers what you need. 

How much time do I need to commit each week or month?

There is no set structure. And as with anything, the more you put into it, the more you will get out of it!

I am brand new to self-care and healing. Is that ok?

Absolutely. This is an all-level, judgment-free, inclusive space for healing and personal growth. Everyone is welcome, no matter where you are in your healing journey. Just be open-minded, and honour yourself enough to do some self-care daily. Give yourself the time and space to breathe and be authentically you.

What can I expect from the membership?

You can expect to discover a new way to connect to yourself. Learn easy tools to create natural healing and a safe and supportive space to try new things and ask questions. There are over 30 videos in the hand reflexology space alone, but most of these are under 5 minutes and have lots of natural healing tips to support them. Videos, PDFs and tips are posted regularly, but you can digest any of the content in your own time. It's all easily searchable, so you can find what you need when needed.

You can access the space via the website (on a laptop or iPad for example), or download the app. Either way, the space is just a click away.

Is there privacy?

Yes. This membership comes with a private community that only Waterlily Self-Care members can access. However, I encourage sharing experiences, connections and conversations as a part of the growth and exploration process. But it is up to you how much you share and what you share with the group. Vulnerability is hard, and I recommend taking it at a pace that works for you!

What are the billing options?

You can make monthly payments for full access or choose your ideal bundle with lifetime access.

What is your cancellation policy?

There is no fee to cancel your membership at any time. However, you must cancel at least seven (7) days before the next billing cycle to avoid getting charged for that month.

Join Waterlily Self-Care

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