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Acupressure Facial Massage

Supporting your mind and body to deeply relax

This treatment works at both ends of the spectrum from deeply supporting stress and relaxing the nervous system to also having the feel of an indulgent rejuvenating treat. 

Facial Acupressure therapy treats the unique structure of the face to support emotional and stress relief. It also incorporates working with the Chinese Acupressure facial map to benefit the whole body, and I have loved learning this new treatment.

The skin, muscles and fascia of the face have a unique structure to allow us to express ourselves intellectually and emotionally. We, therefore, hold a huge amount of tension and stress in our facial structure and this treatment allows me to deeply relax the nervous system and promote rejuvenation of the facial structure on my clients.

The Benefits

And that’s not all.

When applying acupressure to the face as a massage, the face is receiving a multitude of health benefits such as:

For the face

  • Lymphatic drainage this process eliminates toxins from our facial areas

  • Relaxes facial tension

  • Improves circulation and nutrient flow to the facial skin

  • Enhances metabolism of the skin

  • Relaxes tired muscles and eye strain

  • Pumps out fluid that causes puffiness, tired eyes, and sluggish skin

  • Provides a radiant and glowing look

  • Glowing and healthier-looking complexion due to improved skin oxygen levels

  • Soothing of forehead wrinkles, creases between the brows and ‘crows feet’

For the body

  • Balancing energy levels and general flow of Chi

  • Eases stress and feelings of anxiety

  • Improved sleep and feeling of well-being

  • Correction of hunger and appetite issues

  • Reduction in pain associated with toothache, jaw ache and migraines


The Treatment

You will have a full consultation where we can decide the right techniques and oils for you.  I will initially pre-pare your face by cleansing with an organic cleaner and warm towels this will then allow your skin to absorb the specially chosen oils for your needs. (I don't go near the eyes so don't worry about any eye make-up you may be wearing).


I apply a gorgeous facial oil from Neal's Yard (an organic product). The oil turns the experience into a treat and its antioxidant qualities help to seal the skin against the ravages of our UK weather. The oils are vegan and cruelty-free.

You will then have your shoulders and neck released then the facial work. The excess oil is then removed with rose water, which contains its own healing properties, and it will end with scalp acupressure work. The sensation is deeply relaxing, and it is not unusual to fall asleep!

Preparing the skin, and working on your head, face, neck and shoulders, is an extremely relaxing treatment in which you will feel pampered and become deeply relaxed. You will leave feeling and looking revitalised. 

The result is healthy, smooth and glowing skin, which is both relieved of congestion, and relaxed.

"Facial Acupressure is a bit of a fashion beauty secret: a natural way to look beautifully relaxed, radiant and glowing while your entire body has been balanced."


Facial Reflexology and Acupressure massage are very effective for alleviating winter ailments such as blocked sinuses, dry skin, headaches, lack of energy, dull complexion, and depression; as this therapy helps the body to work at its optimum level, boosting the immune system. It can also help to fight off winter colds and flu. 


For one hour you get to just lie back, relax, and feel totally rejuvenated!


What my clients say

“The face shows the heart of the soul. Therefore it needs a touch of care, kindness, healthy food and exercise. Regular facial massage and good skincare rituals at home are important. Invest in quality products that work.”

Kerstin Florian

“Thank you for my treatment, my head feels less tight, and it doesn't hurt to press my forehead now. My eyebrows and forehead have been in pain for as long as I can remember! Thank you so much.”

Katie Bradshaw

Acupressure Facial Massage

(60 mins) - £40.00

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