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Cleanse, Heal and Reset your Energy

Reset your energy

Everything is made of energy and has its own unique vibration, including you. So is it possible to use this knowledge to heal and reset our energy levels?

January is a tough month for many people, the exciting high energy of Christmas and the New year has vanished, and we are left with cold, short days and little to lift our spirits.

Last week, I found myself really lacking the motivation to get anything on my to-do list done, and I really couldn't pinpoint a reason for it. My energy was just a bit 'meh'. So, me being me, I tuned in and connected to my energy via meditation and Reiki to perk myself up a bit, and a few days later, I was feeling much more energised.

How does this help you?

Well, have you ever struggled for hours with a report for work, only to find that after a short break, the ideas start flowing freely? Or maybe you've gone for a walk after an argument with a loved one, and find that you come home feeling calmer and more open to their opinions?

Whenever we move from one activity to another – and it can be as simple as taking a shower or washing the dishes – we are changing our energy state. Basically, we are allowing ourselves to let go of the past moment and embrace the next one with a fresh perspective.

Sometimes though, our lives and our energy can feel a little more stuck, and we feel more like a dried-up river rather than a free-flowing one. When it feels this way, it can help to work with your energy to create the positive changes you seek.

Cleanse your energy

People turn to energy cleansing for all sort of reasons. Maybe you've been struggling with a lack of motivation like me or hoping for a promotion that just isn't happening for you. Perhaps you're finding it hard to express your needs and thoughts to those who could support you; instead, you feel you need to be superwoman and do it all alone. Or you could simply be overwhelmed with all the demands placed on you at this moment – work, family commitments, homeschooling – whatever it might be that stops you from connecting to your deeper self.

Cleansing your energy often involves working with your aura, but what is your aura, and why does it matter?

Your aura, or personal energy field, is the unseen spiritual energy field surrounding all living things. The different colours of your aura provide insight into your emotional and spiritual wellbeing. While it's not always possible to see aura colours with the naked eye, we can usually feel them. Think about how certain people give off a super warm and friendly vibe (or really negative energy) even before they say a word; that's the aura at work.

When your energy is blocked, it can send out negative vibes, which will eventually affect your health and wellbeing, and this is why some people make you nervous — others relax you. Your aura can pick up other people's energy, and vice versa. Clearing these energy blocks can, therefore, leave you feeling calmer, happier and more balanced.

Re-energise your space

It's not just your personal energy field that benefits from a cleansing ritual. Working with the energy in your home can also make a difference in how you experience life. By clearing the energy in your home, you'll increase the sense of physical and emotional spaciousness. Removing the negative energy in your home will also help you attract more positive elements into your life. Your environment is key to your mindset, which is why you always feel brighter after a good spring clean.

Are you ready to start your energy cleansing journey?

Here's how to cleanse your aura.

If you're not happy with the energy you're putting out, there are plenty of things you can do to change it. Kathryn Grace, the founder of Aura Shop, lists a few ways that anyone can tend to their aura. She suggests bathing in the sun, taking a dip into water (especially if it's cold), sageing or smudging yourself, completing a chakra-balancing meditation, doing sound therapy, or dressing for the aura you want.

Can you really cleanse your aura?

Yes, you may be able to cleanse and repair your aura. I often use Reiki as it's amazing for working with energy fields and your aura, but don't have to be a Reiki Master to incorporate energy healing into your everyday life. Here are some simple techniques that you could try at home.

Bathing Rituals

As you might take a shower to wash away physical dirt, you may also "bathe" yourself in positive thoughts to wash away negative energy and allow yourself to focus on brighter thoughts and feelings. If you're taking a bath, try using the popular Neal's Yard Geranium and Orange foaming bath. With its beautifully uplifting blend of organic balancing geranium, energising orange and soothing chamomile, this customer favourite helps you to relax body and mind. Then imagine all your negative energy disappearing down the plughole as you finish your soak.

This ritual approach also works well with your daily shower. Every time you take a shower, visualise washing away your stress and anxiety. Concentrate on the feel of the water upon your skin, and imagine the water washing away your negative thoughts. Watch as the feelings of sadness, regret, anger and depression all disappear down the drain. Let it all go. You will start to feel lighter and happier.


Spending time focused on your emotional and mental health may make your aura more vibrant. Try this meditation when you go to sleep to clear your aura, and heal the seven chakras using sound as a healing tool. You can find the audio to this guided meditation by clicking here.

  • Lay down on a comfortable position. Start focusing on your breath and let your inner chatter go away. Imagine yourself surrounded by a brilliant light as you close your eyes.

  • Bring your awareness to your spirit guides and ask them to protect you as you fall into a deep sleep.

  • Ask them to walk their light through your chakras as you sleep, removing all the negative energies, balancing these centres and clearing your aura.

  • When you wake up the next morning, sit on your bed and take several deep breaths. Then drink a glass of water before eating your breakfast.

  • By cleansing your aura daily, you rid yourself of negative energies that you've picked up from other people and the environment, keeping you in a high energetic vibration.


If you're not familiar with smudging, it's the ancient ritual of burning a tied bundle of herbs (these can include cedar, sweetgrass, juniper, pine needles, cypress, and commonly, sage). It's a practice used by many spiritual healers, thought to cleanse, heal and transmute energy. To find out more, then click here to read the blog I wrote last March which tells you all about smudging your home and how to do it.


Sounds travel in waves and the louder the sound, the bigger the vibration, so it makes sense that a clap, (a sudden burst of sound), can impact something with a slower vibration. Bringing your palms together is a way of aligning and clearing energy, and clapping the hands is a way to clear stuck or stagnant energy.

Spend a moment noticing how you feel, then clap rhythmically around your head (above, in front, behind and to the sides), focussing on any areas that feel warmer or denser. Then reconnect with yourself and see if you can notice any difference. Use this technique whenever you need to refresh your mental energy.

Using Sound

Other ways to use sound for healing your aura are singing bowls, drums and tuning forks. Tibetan, or singing bowls, are a powerful tool for clearing. The sound of the singing bowl has the ability to bring everything back to the centre of stillness. Take time when shopping for a singing bowl to listen to the sound and notice how your energy responds to it.

The power of drumming has been known and practised since ancient times. There is a primordial power to drumming rhythms, and it can clear and balance all the misaligned energies in any given space. It is the sound of a universal heartbeat that aligns everything with its heart power.

You can incorporate these sound practices with your smudging practise, or use them on their own. Recognise the power that sound has in your space, and play with it in your clearing rituals.

Do you recharge yourself as much as you recharge your phone?

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